Unlock the full value of your NFTs.

Nabu makes NFT ownership as rewarding and flexible as traditional assets.


Get an accurate valuation for your NFTs

Nabu’s machine learning valuation engine helps you understand the true value of your NFTs. Accurately price NFT collections based on both open and proprietary data sources, including trade volumes, sales history, NFT metadata, social media hype and more.

> Stay on the pulse of new and emerging NFTs with the Nabu dashboard
> Discover the value drivers of your NFTs
> Understand the latest trends with Nabu’s hype factor score
> Value NFTs with similar traits and rarities
> Monitor whale-owned NFTs in your collection
> Access historical data including traits, floor price and more

Unlock financial utility

NFTs are still a nascent asset class lacking utility. We want to change that.

Borrow against your NFTs, using them as collateral, so that you can access liquidity without ever having to sell your NFT. What do you want to do with your liquidity - stake on the money market? Add to your NFT collection? Treat yourself in real life?

We provide insurance options to protect your NFTs - you can insure your NFT against theft and wallet hacks, drop in value, and user error (we all have those fat finger moments).

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